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Why Join

TSPE is a State Society dedicated to the interests of PEs across disciplines and recognize your professional goals and dedication. More of your membership dollars are going to your state to support enhancing the value they provide through local member engagement, advocacy, and outreach activities.



We provide resources to members, potential engineers, and the public regarding the PE license:

  • What is a PE?

  • Why get licensed?

  • How do I do I get licensed?

  • How do I maintain my license?

TSPE's executive director serves as a full-time lobbyist dedicated to the engineering profession when the General Assembly is in session. Each year during session over 100 engineers from across Tennessee travel to the Capitol to participate in Engineers Day on the Hill to Meet with legislators and advocate for specific legislation affecting your profession and the health, safety, and welfare of the public. 

Protecting the PE License

Since the start of 2016, 26 states have introduced legislation and/or regulation that would erode and even destroy the PE license as we know it today, all in the name of job creation.


In Tennessee, there is a concerted effort underway to slash regulation of occupational licensure in numerous professions. We have successfully protected the PE license thus far, but continued vigilance is necessary. Many of our members hold licenses in multiple states, and the erosion of licensing in any state could spread like wild fire. Learn More...

Promoting the Importance of Licensure


Fulfilling Continuing Education Requirements

Meet your licensure continuing education requirements by taking advantage of the following: 

  • Take advantage of the 15 free online seminars offered to TSPE members

  • Attend the annual Tennessee Engineers' Conference which provides seven distinct education tracks, PDH credits and a unique opportunity to network with over 600 peers from across the state. 

  • Attend monthly meetings providing topical information offered by the seven TSPE state chapters which offer continuing education credits as well as enjoyable networking opportunities. 

Need additional hours? TSPE Online University offers over 1,100 on-demand courses at a discounted rate. 

Keeping Current with News of the Profession

Stay informed on the latest state events and news of the profession via TSPE publications.

  • PE Scope - Bimonthly e-news for PEs on topics including licensure, education, government, and ethics

  • Daily Designs - Summaries of the latest news on engineering topics e-mailed to members daily 

  • TSPE Today/TSPE eNews - Quarterly print newsletter & bimonthly e-news keeping members abreast of society activities, regulatory updates and legislative news from around the state. 

Get the latest news and stay connected by following TSPE on social media:

  • Facebook - TNSPE
  • Twitter - TNSPE
  • LinkedIn - TNSPE


Guidance on Key Ethical Issues

Track evolving ethical issues and benefit from guidance of experienced professional engineers with Board of Ethical Review cases.

Enhancing Your Professional Knowledge

  • TSPE offers a 10-week PE Exam Review course twice a year 

  • Reduce the potential for errors, omissions, redundancies, or conflicts in construction by using EJCDC contract documents.

  • Understand the laws and regulations that define issues that affect the professional engineer.


Check out the latest events on our event calendar.

Connect with Fellow PEs

Support Future Engineers

Inspire and shape future engineers by participating in either Engineers Week or MATHCOUNTS.

Additionally, the Tennessee Engineering Foundation are committed to the future of the engineering profession and offers several scholarship opportunities. 

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